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Safety and Health: Is the Zika Virus Coming to the US?

Posted by Eileen Watkins on Tue, Feb, 02, 2016 @ 18:02 PM

The World Health Organization’s declaration that the Zika virus is “spreading explosively” throughout the Americas caught our attention – and may have caught yours as well. Rather than give another summary of the disease (check out the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization websites), we thought we’d take a minute to share a few reasons why US residents should not panic.

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Safety and Health: OSHA Increases its Fines  - Is It Enough?

Posted by Eileen Watkins on Fri, Jan, 29, 2016 @ 14:01 PM

An amendment in the 2015 US Budget Act is allowing OSHA to increase its fines for the first time in 26 years. The Act, which was signed into law by President Obama late last year, allows OSHA to increase the penalties associated with workplace safety and health violations. The increases, which average approximately 80%, are intended to account for increases in inflation.

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Is Indoor Air Quality Affecting Your Intelligence?

Posted by Zachary Keefe on Fri, Jan, 15, 2016 @ 14:01 PM

If you think your workplaces is making you dumber, you may be onto something.

In a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, researcher Joseph G. Allen et al assessed the effect of certain aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) on higher order cognitive function. What they found may make you view your workplace environment in a new light. Read More

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Temporary Workers:  Who is responsible for their health and safety?

Posted by Eileen Watkins on Wed, Jan, 13, 2016 @ 10:01 AM

Temporary workers are an attractive to solution to companies who experience unpredictable or seasonal surges in demands for goods or services. They help employers who need extra help but are hesitant to permanently add personnel to their workforce. Finally, they can act as fill-ins for regular workers who take extended absences.

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Health and Safety Programs:  Some Common Shortfalls

Posted by Eileen Watkins on Fri, Nov, 06, 2015 @ 09:11 AM

OSHA regulations and standards apply to virtually every industry. In some cases only a few standards (such as Exit Routes and Recording/Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses) apply. On the other hand, many industries are heavily regulated (think construction, manufacturing, laboratories, and biotech companies).

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New OSHA Standard:  Confined Spaces in Construction

Posted by Eileen Watkins on Thu, Oct, 29, 2015 @ 15:10 PM

Confined spaces may contain hazards that can injure, sicken, or even kill the workers that enter them. The hazards may be physical in nature – examples include moving parts, electric shock, and engulfment or entrapment hazards. In addition, atmospheric hazards such as low oxygen levels or dangerous concentrations of toxic vapors and/or gases are also often found.

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Indoor Air Quality: Top 10 Things You Might Not Know About Mold

Posted by Zachary Keefe on Tue, Sep, 22, 2015 @ 10:09 AM

Over the past decade or so, mold has received a lot of coverage in the media. It seems that you couldn't go a week without hearing of another "toxic black mold" case, or someone's home being demolished because of a fungal infestation. Unfortunately, more information does not always lead to better understanding. Below are ten facts about mold that you might not be aware of:

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Industrial Hygiene - Chemical-resistant gloves: a crash course

Posted by Eileen Watkins on Thu, Sep, 17, 2015 @ 11:09 AM

Our last blog article focused on health hazards that are caused by skin contact with harmful chemicals.  Many workers wear chemical-resistant gloves to protect themselves from these negative health effects.  There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of gloves on the market.  How do you know which one is best for your chemical workers?  Read on to learn all you need to know about chemical-resistant gloves so that you can make an informed decision the next time you purchase them. It is always a good idea to have a certified industrial hygienist review the glove selection prior to purchasing 

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Nanoparticles in Consumer Products

Posted by Zachary Keefe on Wed, Sep, 16, 2015 @ 11:09 AM

Many people are unaware of it, but nanoparticles (particles that range from 1 to 100 nanometers) are already all around us, and plans are being made to have them be even more ubiquitous.

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Industrial Hygiene - Skin Contact with Chemicals

Posted by Eileen Watkins on Thu, Sep, 10, 2015 @ 11:09 AM

Countless employers require their workers to handle chemicals, either on a daily basis or periodically when non-routine tasks such as cleaning, periodic maintenance, or testing are performed.  In some workplaces large quantities are handled whereas others may involve much smaller amounts.  In every case it's important to identify chemicals which are hazardous to the skin and to implement measures that will protect the worker from skin exposures.  

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