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Indoor Air Quality Issues

Posted by Mike Cashins on Tue, Jan, 17, 2012 @ 14:01 PM

Building owners and Facility Management Professionals are inundated day in and day out with many occupant requests. As facility management professionals are well aware, there is enough routine building maintenance to perform never mind the emergency situations that always seem to present themselves at the least opportune times. Then there Modern Office  IAQ resized 600are the non-descript indoor air quality issues that are not obvious or easy to identify. Occupants may indicate that they have a headache, itchy eyes, sore throat, or feel tired.

How do you, as a facility manager, respond to these issues? You cannot ignore them as occupants will become agitated and more importantly many indoor air quality issues can seriously impact their health. We have found that in the majority of cases, a prompt response with visible action is the most effective way to address air quality concerns. Many potential clients have requested we perform assessments at night to avoid alarming the occupants. We do not recommend that this be done for the following reasons:

  1. Conditions in the building are far different at night than they are during the day. The assessment will not be representative of conditions that the occupants are working in. Conclusions about the indoor air quality in the space cannot be made as the data collected is not appropriate.
  2. If the assessment is performed at night, occupants will not realize that you, as a facility manager, are addressing their concerns.
  3. We have never experienced a negative outcome by openly performing an indoor air quality assessment for a client. In most cases the occupants are very happy to see it being done!

If you believe that you might have an indoor air quality issue at your facility we would be happy to talk to you about it - there is no charge for the initial phone consultation, so give us a call, we are here to help! We have also developed a FREE paper that you can download that summarizes common indoor pollutants and related issues. This information provides a solid background about current standards and acceptable indoor conditions. This is a helpful resource for all facility management professionals. Download this free and helpful resource today!

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